Besides the movie producer hat, Rodney Dwira wears many others: TV/INTERNET personality, award winning film director, public speaker, keen world traveler, investigative, R&B aficionado, proud Canadian and, most recently, devoted lover of indigenous cultures. He learned to travel and travels to learn. It's time to explore the world with Rodney Dwira!!

That's right: Rodney Dwira is a certified gypsy.

However, the supporters that know him best can rest assured that the enquiring wanderer, striking host of Crossing Borders has become anything but unimaginative. As he continues to explore every corner of the globe on his Crossing Borders series, Rodney Dwira encounters the extraordinary, enthusiastic and widespread attention-grabbing personalities and places that help define the universal cultural landscape. Whether it's eating scorpions in Thailand, mountaineering across erupted volcanoes near Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra, or exploring jungle safaris in the rainforests of Myanmar, Dwira refuses to freeze when adventure comes calling.

However, it's the coast-to-coast morals, uniqueness that best capture our host's attention. In the world of an independent filmmaker, an understanding and appreciation of how others exist is similar to uncovering secret societies and mysterious civilizations. Crossing Borders will deliver a first glimpse of a wider view of how people live their lives in unfamiliar environments.

Join Rodney Dwira as he orbits the globe on his journey to discover the villages, cities and countries that provide life's richest wonders.