Crossing Borders brand begins with a bold, singular idea connecting people to the power and joy of human journeys that inspire, surprise and entertain. It's a place for consumers to experience great storytelling, shared human connections, and engaging talent that celebrate the surprising encounters that happen right here and right now.

Crossing Borders personality is authentic, inquisitive, surprising and fun. It's open-eyed and open-minded, living in the moment, and finding surprises where others might not see them. It's about embracing the journey and realizing that life is a trip, authentic and real. Consumers don't just come to find out about a destination, but to experience amazing moments. Travel Here! Crossing Borders is the world's leading travel media brand, and the network is available worldwide.

Crossing Borders is headquartered in Thunder Bay, ONT.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Our FAQ section may provide you with the answers to many of your questions.

1. How do I get Crossing Borders in high-definition (HD)?
Please contact your local cable or telecommunications provider to see if Crossing Borders HD is available in your area.

2. How do I obtain information on career opportunities or internships with Crossing Borders?
Please visit our corporate careers website for a list of current opportunities with Crossing Borders.

3. How do I submit an idea for a show or series?
For legal reasons, Crossing Borders cannot accept unsolicited ideas or material, and any unsolicited ideas, pitches or material will be returned or discarded unread. Crossing Borders only accepts proposals from established production companies who have previously discussed their idea with a network development representative and been asked to submit a summary of the idea or who have received an RFP.

4. I am interested in hosting a program; whom should I contact?
All of our programs are created, filmed and submitted by independent production companies and/or agents that are responsible for selecting the participants on our programs. If you are interested in becoming Crossing Borders talent, then please align with a production company or agent in order to submit to us.

5. How do I contact Crossing Borders?
All comments should be submitted electronically.

6. Where can I obtain closed-captioning information? provides viewers with a weekly TV schedule. On the schedule, a "CC" symbol is listed alongside the parental rating for the show, which indicates that it is closed-captioned.

7. I do not currently get the Crossing Borders, what should I do?
Please contact your local cable or telecommunications provider to find out if Crossing Borders is available in your area.

8. I am writing a high school/college paper about Crossing Borders. How can I request interviews with talent?
Contact our public relation rep to requests interviews.

9. How do I contact talent?
Please submit any comments electronically. Contact Us.

10. How do I request a press interview with executives or talent?
Please submit your request

11. How do I request a talent appearance or keynote speech at an event?
Speaking engagements typically require round-trip airfare, transportation and hotel accommodations, as well as a talent appearance fee that is based on production schedules, other business commitments and the nature of the request. Please take this into consideration when preparing your submission.

12. Where can I buy DVDs of programs and/or Crossing Borders merchandise?
Some of our Crossing Borders programs can be purchased on iTunes, or on DVD at and/or at some large retailers (visit our online store for listings).Purchase Crossing Borders merchandise here or Additional Crossing Borders content can also be found on our YouTube channel and on most cable VOD systems. As we roll our content out on other digital platforms, we'll update this site to reflect additional content partners. Unfortunately, not all of our programming is available for purchase or download, so please check our TV Schedule for upcoming broadcast information.

13. I'm interested in soliciting a donation from Crossing Borders for a project or charitable event.
Crossing Borders cannot provide donations for individual requests. Our charitable/philanthropic activities take place at a corporate level.

14. I want to challenge some factual information in a program.
Please Contact Us to submit your challenge, and we will research your claim and respond if appropriate.